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Kisimula Primary School has developed a lot since its early days of being a small wooden classroom building. Founded by local church Pastor Samuel Gwengabo in the early 2000s, it caters for children within a 2-mile radius of the village. Over the years investment in improvements to increase opportunity for more children locally has resulted in a student body of approx. 350. While much has improved there are still key facilities needed to complete the campus and help to maintain and build on the good standards the school has achieved.
With much still to do we would be very grateful of any donation you may be able to make. To make a donation to our school building fund please follow the link above to our secure online donation portal. 


The school is currently centered around the completed classroom block. The next major development will be a permanent nursery classroom & toilet block. In addition a second classroom block for the lower primary school years and a Staff & Admin block are also planned. See further details below.

Through a combination of fundraising and some very generous gifts we now have the necessary funds to undertake the work for this vital part of the school campus. Although the school mainly functions as a primary school, a small nursery section is also operated to cater for local pre-school aged children. This is currently run out of a temporary wooden classroom which is not a good learning environment. 


There are currently no permanent office or administration facilities at the school; rather we have what has become a ‘long-term’ temporary office attached to our teacher’s accommodation building, which is not ideal. We would like to be able to erect a building that provides office space, a staff room, staff toilet facilities, a nurse’s office, and some supplies storage. It would be a milestone development for the staff and students.

STATUS: Pending funding

Our existing four classroom block, completed in 2015, is most often dedicated for use by the upper school years (P4 – P7) while the three lower year groups meet in temporary classroom spaces. We would like to able to provide the same classroom facilities for all school years so there is no risk of those in lower year groups being disadvantaged or distracted by the learning environment. A second classroom block would truly establish the school locally as an unmatched facility. 

STATUS: Pending funding

Plans for a mulit-function hall space are towards the later end of our priorities for the school development but will eventually make a very useful addition to the site. The building would be used on a day-to-day basis for assemblies and dining, but would also be useful for indoor sports and inter-school events. Architecturally this would be more of a low-walled, opened sided shelter, providing a single large open meeting space. 

STATUS: Proposed
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