Teachers’ housing

Provision of teachers’ accommodation is commonplace in rural schools in Uganda. There are a variety of reasons for this, not least of them being to make the post more appealing. Working in a rural primary school, as opposed to an urban location, is generally not a qualified teacher’s first or obvious choice.

At the end of 2014 we hit upon a good compromise which meant we could provide some accommodation at significantly lower cost than anticipated.


Here’s a couple of different views of the school office in Dec 2014

By extending an existing building we have been able to complete our first phase of teacher’s rooms, to house four staff members. By building off the back of the school office, built in 2009, the cost compared to an entirely new structure is about halved. Also in the process the newly rendered office building has its lifespan significantly extended.


The first thing to do was repair the veranda at the front of the building

The foliage laid over the newly rendered steps is to allow the mix to cure evenly, while avoiding the risk of it being dried out too rapidly by the sun.


The wall plate is cast in concrete above the door and window level

Employment in a rural location presents many issues, alongside the availability of quality housing are considerations such as poor services and amenities: electricity, water, health care, and public transport may be inadequate, if available at all. In addition, aspects such as difficult terrain and poor road networks do not make a teaching post at a rural school the most appealing. Providing a solution to one of the major issues, housing, is vital to attract and retain quality teaching staff.


Even in the capital city it’s common place to see scaffold of eucalyptus poles and timber

We have been very aware of the need for teacher’s accommodation at Kisimula for a while now, but have not been in a position to consider going ahead with the project. The ongoing development of a school site, even a small rural school, is a complicated affair. While we’ve been hoping to begin our first permanent classroom block, the initial investment required has seen that work deferred. However, while new classrooms will be a great blessing, we do at least have functioning temporary (timber) classroom buildings; whereas we were completely lacking teachers’ accommodation.


Mixing concrete


Fascia boards being painted in preparation


Upto roof level, with our local builder Mr. Bukedde


The galvanised sheet roofing beginning to be fixed in place


From the front the building is really taking shape


The extension tied into the original structure

The resulting new building is, as you’d imagine, much more substantial and is finished to a high quality which will guarantee its longevity. This new development does not completely remedy the need for available housing, but it is a great start. Allocation of the new housing is governed by our Ugandan board, considering a variety of criteria such as current housing circumstance, distance traveled to work, family situation, etc.


With the building complete it is rendered and painted to finish


Another side view

This first phase of teacher’s accommodation will have an immediate impact for both teachers and students and we can’t thank you all enough for your generous support that has made this possible.


All done the building looks so bright and cheerful, amazing!