Teachers’ housing

Provision of teachers’ accommodation is commonplace in rural schools in Uganda. There are a variety of reasons for this, not least of them being to make the post more appealing. Working in a rural primary school, as opposed to an urban location, is generally not a qualified teacher’s first or obvious choice.

At the end of 2014 we hit upon a good compromise which meant we could provide some accommodation at significantly lower cost than anticipated.

Here’s a couple of different views of the school office in Dec 2014

By extending an existing building we have been able to complete our first phase of teacher’s rooms, to house four staff members. By building off the back of the school office, built in 2009, the cost compared to an entirely new structure is about halved. Also in the process the newly rendered office building has its lifespan significantly extended.

The first thing to do was repair the veranda at the front of the building

The foliage laid over the newly rendered steps is to allow the …

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