Let’s re-use the loos

Since completion of the homes refurbishment and the new school toilet blocks we have had the opportunity to renovate the childrens’ homes toilets. The old block was not aging well (see below) and had generally become unpleasant to use, no matter what attempts were made to improve the situation. Although the building itself was not at its best the latrine pit, over which the surface structure resides, was perfectly fine and has a lot of ‘capacity’ left in it. The obvious solution therefore was to remove the existing surface structure and rebuild over the current pit. This made for considerable reduction in expense as the labour costs involved to dig a latrine pit are relatively high, in comparison to the surface building.

The old toilet block

The old toilet block, February 2014

As it is a fairly small construction project things didn’t take long to start to look very different. The new block has a slightly larger footprint than the old as we have taken the opportunity to improve and extend the wash/bathing area housed on each side of the block. Both the boys and girls side now has a much more useful and private bathing area.


The old block demolished and the new underway.


Inside the stalls of the new block.


Apparently VERY red walls are the order of the day.


Almost complete, the wooden fascias going on.

No sooner had the work started than paint was on the walls, gates were hung and soon enough they will be brought back into use! It’s just one more seemingly small improvement that will make a difference day to day for the children living in the homes.


By the end of March the block is all but complete.


All looking so much nicer.


Though we’re not sure why it’s castellated.

Along with the refurbished homes and new kitchen (pictures and blog post to come soon) this new toilet block makes for a site that is vastly improved, both aesthetically, functionally and practically. We’re so pleased to have been able to make these improvements. Thank you all for your continued support for the work of Friends Reaching Out! Little by little lives are being changed every day!