Friends Reaching Out - Transforming the lives of orphaned children in Uganda

Find out about our new school build projectWith your help we have been able to undertake many wonderful projects over the years, projects that have benefited both the children we work with and the wider community they live in. From essential amenities such as boreholes and sanitary buildings, to electricity supply and food production. Each work is another significant step towards brighter futures for countless people and also brings hope to many more. Thank you.

WaterThrough UK funding we have been able to install two boreholes and infrastructure, one at each of our village sites. These provide a clean and convenient water source for our school, homes and the local community.
FoodOur current farming facility is a small well established project, growing food crops for the children in our Kisimula homes. We are keen to develop this further to aid the schools sustainability and provide local employment.
ShelterSince beginning working in Uganda we have built a boys and girls dormitory block in Kadunda for our senior school students and separate boys and girls homes for our sponsored Kisimula primary school students.
PowerConnection to the power network at our Kadunda site was a significant milestone in the early days of the charity’s work. At Kisimula we are investigating solar power solutions for our new school build.
EducationWhile we have maintained and replaced the temporary classroom block at Kisimula primary school we will soon embark upon our biggest and most ambitious project to date, an entire school and site re-development.
SpiritualFriends Reaching Out have been able to help in the construction of two churches, that are also used as community hubs. A memorial fund for charity co-founder Mike Parsons helped fund the church in Kadunda.