October 2012 Trustees visit

The charity Trustees were able to make another very productive trip to Uganda this month. Thanks must go to British Airways for their continued support which makes these important visits possible on a more frequent basis than would otherwise be the case.

With only ten days in the country there was much to do and barely a second of down time. A large portion of the time was spent at our Primary School siteĀ  in Kisimula village, delivering gifts and letters from UK sponsors, spending time with the children and holding various meetings with our Ugandan board. We also distributed some stationary items kindly donated to us by 4imprint.

Steve Fishpool (Friends Reaching Out Chairman) giving out donated 4imprint stationary

Other scheduled tasks included meetings with builders in relation to the new school build, reviewing our agriculture project and meeting with UK charity UDS to explore potential agricultural development. In addition we also had a momentous unscheduled task to undertake; development of a local road presented us with the opportunity to level an area of the school plot that will ultimately become the new football field. This was no small feat as the ground to be leveled is extremely rocky and the work spanned a three day period, though the bulldozer not being the most reliable of machines didn’t help.

The unanticipated leveling work ongoing for the school football field, with quite a view

Towards the end of our time we had a great group meeting with our older students in Kampala, allowing us to catch up with them and they with each other. As well as the catch up we set some time aside to discuss their thoughts on the future development of the charity’s work and our hope of their commitment to support those who will follow them. As we head towards a more sustainable future the commitment of former sponsored students, either through financial or practical support, is an encouraging step.

Thank you all for your support and interest.

Chris Denson – Trustee