Home refurbishments

As the first new buildings (kitchen and toilet blocks) on the school site get closer to completion it seemed like the perfect time to make some minor repairs and general refurbishment to some of the charity’s existing buildings on site. The two children’s homes, boys & girls, in Kisimula village are home to our sponsored primary school children; each home houses ten children and a house mother, who is in permanent residence. Both homes were built in 2005 and while general maintenance has been an ongoing endeavor we felt they would really benefit from some repair and bringing upto the same high level of finish as the new buildings.

2005 construction

The construction of the homes in 2005, the girls on the right all but complete.

The main priority of the refurb is to maintain the structural integrity and security of the buildings. Repairs to the brickwork have been undertaken and the foundations are being reinforced. Both homes are being rendered and painted, which will prolong the life of the homes by protecting the formerly exposed masonry from the elements. At the rear of both homes new steps are being instated to improve access via the rear door, which is currently somewhat of a high single step.

The homes in 2010

A front view of both homes in 2010.

In addition a veranda will be added to the front of each home and the final part of the refurbishment will be to fit guttering, to prevent rainwater run off from the roof eroding the surrounding soil and causing potential subsidence issues. We anticipate the work to be complete by the end of January and will add some photographs of the fully refurbished homes as soon as we can. In the mean time below is a very recent picture of the homes towards the end of the rendering work.

Girls home rendering

The girls home in December 2013, almost fully rendered.

Once the homes refurbishment is complete and the new school toilet blocks are brought into use we plan to refurbish the old toilet block, which is located more conveniently for use by the homes. The refurbished toilets will then be dedicated for use exclusively by the children in the two homes. These refurbishment works and the new building work should all be complete around the end of February 2014. They will make such a huge difference, on a practical level by providing much improved facilities while aesthetically improving and unifying different phases of construction across the site. Just as soon as we have new photographs we’ll add them.

Thank you for making these exciting developments possible.

UPDATE, February 2014: As promised we’ve added an image to the end of this post showing the completely refurbished homes, they look great and will have a significantly longer life and lower maintenance costs.


The newly complete homes, February 2014