Friends Reaching Out - Transforming the lives of orphaned children in Uganda

Do you have a fundraising idea or suggestion? Whether you’re taking part in an organised event or considering a personal challenge, fundraising to help Friends Reaching Out couldn’t be easier. From tests of endurance to selling produce the possibilities for sponsorship are unlimited and we’d love to help! We can support you with resources, be that a powerpoint presentation about the charity, self-print info leaflets, self-print posters to promote your event, sponsorship forms in various formats, even a fold-up loose change box.

If you are considering raising funds on our behalf we’d ask you to contact us in the first instance so we can offer you our support. We are registered with two services that allow fundraisers to set up a page to promote their event.
By nominating us as your beneficiary you can receive online donations that are paid to the charity. We recommend using BT’s MyDonate service as no commission is charged. Virgin Money do charge a small commission on funds raised.