Does child sponsorship help?

Working amongst a culture and in a community that is quite different to your own is not without its challenges. Establishing a healthy balance of support and governance while working to avoid a culture of dependency is vital. For many years now there has been a huge emphasis on future sustainability in the charitable sector and rightly so. Charitable aid should not be a long term solution over sustainable change and like countless other charities we too are actively working towards a sustainable future.

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Smokeless ovens

Autumn 2013 has been a VERY exciting time! All at Friends Reaching Out have been extremely busy and there have been some great positive leaps forwards to report, the down side of being so busy is finding time to make the reports on progress. This will be the first of our autumn feedback posts and while it’s a relatively small development it is one that will change lives and is quite literally ground (termite mound) breaking.

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Nathan’s Half Marathon

On March 17th Nathan Page of Horley, Surrey, will be running in the Mizuno Reading Half Marathon and raising funds for Friends Reaching Out, through sponsorship.

The funds raised will allow us to install a smokeless oven, built from locally available materials, in the kitchen at our senior school students home. This is a more sustainable way of cooking – it uses a third less wood, cooks the food quicker and the smoke is channeled outside of the kitchen. Any additional funds raised will go towards the new school build and re-development of our school farming project.

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Jam and marmalade

Twenty years of jam

Since Friends Reaching Out began its work in Uganda in 1992 Rosemary has been making jams, marmalade and chutneys to sell at various fetes, fairs and sales, donating all her proceeds to support our work. With close family ties to the charity

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Trace:africa – 200 miles later

A retrospective fundraising review

In April 2012 myself (Chris) and a good friend (James) went out for a walk, ten days and 200 miles later we arrived back where we had begun. Each day we walked twenty miles and over the course of the ten days our route around the south-east of England

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