Friends Reaching Out - Transforming the lives of orphaned children in Uganda
The charity's founders
Since 1992 Friends Reaching Out has been working in remote villages in Uganda, educating and caring for orphan children. The founders of the project were teachers and as a result our work has a strong emphasis on education and community development. In the early days we worked out of one site, supporting orphaned children through their schooling.
It has always been our vision to help as many children as possible and we strive to keep this at our heart. Today we work in two village sites, Kisimula and Kaduna, both in the Nakesake district. At Kadunda village we have our office, a kitchen and senior boys & girls dormitories.
At Kisimula we have two segregated houses which are home to the primary school children. We also have teachers accommodation, a kitchen and have recently purchased land where we plan to build a much improved Kisimula Christian community primary school.
Children who have come through the project are today studying at University, while others attend vocational training institutions. Many are now employed as qualified teachers, nurses, tailors, hotel employees, builders, vehicle mechanics, carpenters and more.
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